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Simmons Security and Sound is committed to obtaining and developing a team that consistantly demonstrates the justification of over twenty-five years of service in Southwest Florida. We will continue to carry the tradition of excellence that has been established over the past decade and a half.


We believe that anything can be taught, but passion is a component that you either possess or lack. It is not an element that is taught, yet it is an element that can be caught. This passion is clearly visible in every team member that you have the pleasure of experiencing on site.


At Simmons Security and Sound, people are number one! Our goal is to exceed every preconcieved expectation that a client may set. We desire to introduce everyone to a safer and more pleasurable lifestyle with all the bells and whistles at affordable costs.


We believe that everyone has the potential within them to become the best at what they do. We encourage everyone to consider Simmons Security and Sound. If you posses a passion for the security and sound feild and a desire to help people, then Simmons Security and Sound may be perfect for you!


Performance is the final piece to who we are as Simmons Security and Sound. We believe in upholding the highest grade of performance in the industry. This status of performance is acheived through the combination of quality equiptment and exceptional technitions.

Simmons Security and Sound currently does not have any hiring needs. All hiring needs will be posted as the availability arises. Check back regularly to see opportunities as they become available.

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