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About Simmons Security and Sound

Simmons Security and Sound., is a privately-owned business that has proudly served Southwest Florida for over twenty-five years. It is our belief that you should protect what you cherish most. We would like to introduce you to a lifestyle of safety and security. Whether it be your family, pets, car, or any of your priceless memories, they are safe with Simmons Security and Sound. All technicians representing Simmons Security and Sound have completed extensive training in all of our offered fields. Each technician is also certified in Fire Alarm and Burglar Alarm Systems (BASA/FASA). We will continue to strive to set the standard in design, installation, and excellence of service of in Southwest Florida.

Simmons Security and Sound specializes in;


·  24 Hour Monitored Security and Surveillance

·  Cutting Edge Home Theater Systems

·  Surround Sound

·  Entire Home Audio/Video Distribution

·  Fire Detection Systems

·  Access Control including Gate System

·  Business Phone Structures

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